In my memory, the first touch with skateboarding, it was someday in the summer. My good friend took his roller skating and slid back and forth in the yard.

Sometimes it is fast and slow, and it also performs various rotations and jumps. The few little friends around were stunned, and the envious eyes stared at the skateboard, and of course I was no exception. The little friends saw that he played so smoothly, they all rushed to try it, but who knows that skateboarding also needs skill, because everyone has not touched the longboard electric skateboard, just stepped on the skateboard and fell to the ground, riding I have been sliding for a few times, not to mention the action. Helpless, the little friends had to give up.

Electric skateboard is the best outdoor sports for me

The next day I came to my friend’s home, saw him playing remote control skateboard  again, and the action was more skillful than when I was last slipped. He saw me coming over and said hello to me, asked: Why didn’t see you play skateboarding last time? I said: They were all playing at the time, they all fell, and I wouldn’t play. He said this is simple. I teach you the method: the way to skateboard is to put one foot on the skateboard first, then use the other foot to squat on the ground, and then put the other foot on the skateboard when it starts to slide. Go up. The foot that is put back is used to control the speed. The foot that is put first is used to control the direction. It is the same as the steering wheel. It is also the direction in which the force is applied. I am giving you a demonstration, seeing my movements? It’s just like this, come over and try. With a nervous mind, I boarded the skateboard. According to the method he taught me, I slipped the remote control skateboard. Although it slipped slowly, at least it didn’t fall. After five or six rounds of self-feeling, I tried to speed up the speed. I know that because of the speed, I haven’t had time to turn and I can only watch myself hit the wall. So I went to his house for four weekends and asked him to teach me to skateboard. Finally, under his guidance, after I continued to fall and board the skateboard, I successfully learned to skateboard and still do it. Some simple vacant, flipping actions. After the weekend, he will take me to more groups who like to skateboard. Everyone has only one common hobby: playing skateboarding. When others have new actions, they are always taught to us.

With the rapid development of society, more and more people like to skateboard, skateboarding can exercise our willpower. As a beginner, from the beginning of the continuous fall, failure to the final successful riding, skilled control, this is a process of continuous inspiration, it can make children more confident, more courageous, more persevering, greatly Exercise the quality of their will. And skateboarding can improve motor skills, body coordination, and body balance. Skateboarding improves the overall physical fitness of teenagers and achieves the goal of sports and fitness.

Electric Skateboard is characterized by a slippery behavior, advocating a free movement, experiencing and creating a feeling of supergravity, bringing joy and creativity to the skater. Because of skateboarding, I got to know a lot of friends. Because of skateboarding, let me understand that no matter what you do, you must have enough patience, perseverance and endurance. Because skateboarding, so happy!



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