How would you like to spend your spare time?  most of young people are willing to go out.

However, how can a family spend a happy weekend or spare time? Or come up with fresh and fun activities, of course, it is best for a family, including children, to participate in activities. To a certain extent, this will also enhance the feelings with the children. Let the children feel the love of their parents.

Hovershoes make you difference

Scooters are a well-known tool for modern people to use and to play, Enthusiast of self-balancing personal transporters have lots of products to choose, such as: electric skateboards, hoverboards, electric scooters and bikes. But all Of these devices restrict the feet and limit bipedal mobility.


Recently, I learned that there is a tool that is more fun and more fun than this, that is Koowheel Hovershoes which two separate self balancing hoverboards with inbuilt gravity sensors on each foot that give you the freedom of mobility no other rideable can. These suspension shoes are lighter (only 3kg each) , easy to learn, safe and stable, more tricks can be played. Moreover can be played by both adults and children.

Aside from the fun maneuvers possible due to having freedom between your feet, riders won’t run into issues where one foot is dominant and dictates the movement of the other.
And they are even offering local support in the USA and Germany, and will be extending it to many other nations very soon.


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