Are you still playing an electric smart self balancing scooter or longboard electric skateboard? It is now obsolete! According to “Daily Mail”, the China Koowheel company has developed a very special Hovershoes XI suspension power shoe, which is like disassembling the pedal of the smart balance wheel scooter. The player can push forward with one pedal on each of the left and right feet, and the speed can be Up to 8 kilometers.


Hovershoes XI suspension power shoes have a 250 watt motor and battery on each foot, so it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge before putting it on. The endurance is about 8 kilometers, but the speed is almost 8 kilometers, which means that It takes almost an hour to charge after playing for an hour.

In addition, because of the internal components, the Hovershoes XI weighs 2.7 kilograms on one foot and 5.4 kilograms on the entire shoelace. However, in order to make players enjoy themselves, the Hovershoes XI has IP65 dust and water resistance, so don’t worry if it is raining or watering.

However, this pair of shoes is not something that anyone can wear. According to KOOWHEEL, it can only support weights below 79 kg.

According to KOOWHEEL, the Hovershoes XI uses the concept of an electric balance car, which is divided into two independent pedals, one foot and one foot, which feels like skating on the ground and can move freely and freely.


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