Would you like to prepare a cool toy for your child in 2019?

Or give a different and wonderful childhood to your child?

Now i will recommend a cool and fashionable childhood toy  which is assist kid’s electric scooter.

As talked about, certainly one of the important thing specifications for Electric self balancing scooters is a battery, because this limits how far you’ll be capable of journey. Don’t hesitate, simply get on;

To be able to make their boards the safest available on the market, Koowheel company has developed 2 new safety technologies. Especially for children, that is Power-assist kid’s electric scooter E3 and E2. The motors present inside the board manage energy output to keep the rider balanced always.

Today I would like to introduce the cool kid’s electric scooter E3. Firstly let’s look at its outward appearance, it looks very nice, isn’t it?


Well, what are the characteristics of the Power-assist kid’s electric scooter?

 1. The lightest kids electric scooters on the market– weighing in at only 11lbs.

Lightweight making it easy store or transport.

2. Ingeniously Designed as a hybrid scooter

E3 can be used as an electric or push powered scooter. Simply switch the electrical

Assistance on and off as appropriate

This hybrid functionality means he scooter can be used legally

3. It also can works as an electric and non-electric scooter. 2 scooters in 1 if you like and

suitable for children ages 8+.

4. No bulky electric motor, no chains and no wire

This means whether kids are using the electrical assistance or conventional push

power they will be able to manage it confidently.

5. Adjustable handlebar height make it suitable for different ages kids

6. Lithium ion battery which has a 3mile range

Besides, a further clever design of Rear Foot E-Brake will deactivate the motor, easy to

control the scooter speed, so it is very safety and stable.


How to riding?


In fact, it is very easy to learn for children.

Just place one foot in front.

Place the other foot in back,at a 70-90° angle, and then turn the Handlebar to the left or right to make turns.

For more other information, you can feel free to visit http:www.koowheel.com



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